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This note is from the Ven. Peter Townshend, with a note below it from Ven. Neil Carver, both thanking Tricia Siemens for going above and beyond for 10 years as one of our Wardens:


It seems like many years ago (likely a great many years ago for Tricia), when the parish was in need of a deputy Rector's warden. Usually, I would try to approach someone who had experience on the parish council to ask them to move into that position, but that particular year there did not seem to be  the appropriate individual who would either be able or willing to move into that position. I began to look again at the parish list and in what may have been a moment of divine guidance I came upon Tricia's name. I knew that while she had not been on parish council she had experience in working on councils as a former city council member. I also knew, having worked with her in the early stages of planning for the Supportive Housing project that she knew how to get things done, and that she was passionate about the need for outreach ministries. I thought that likely she would feel that she was too busy but then you never know unless you ask. I arranged to meet with Tricia in my office and I made my request, which was that she accept the position of deputy Rector's warden and make an initial two year commitment to the position. I made a further request by asking that she accept as part of her role the challenge of helping to make connections with the Mary-Allen community and to look for opportunities for the church to provide ministry to the neighborhood. To my great delight Tricia accepted my request and the parish and community has been greatly blessed ,for many years, by her commitment to sharing in our Lord's ministry in her role as churchwarden. It is hard to accurately describe the role of churchwarden. There are the basic duties which are outlined in the canons and constitution. It may be possible to serve an appropriate term as churchwarden by fulfilling these duties but the real challenges appear unexpectedly with things like the resignation of clergy and other staff or even outreach opportunities such as "The Out of the Cold" accommodation for women, or the rebuild of a parish hall. Tricia has experienced many surprise challenges and while I am certain there have been many moments of frustration she has always responded in a manner which demonstrated her commitment to being faithful in expressing the Christian values of respect, love and compassion. I join with all the Church of the Holy Saviour family in expressing my appreciation of her ministry throughout these many years. I am also very thankful to be able to call this amazing woman, a good friend!

With much Christian love,
Peter Townshend


Like Peter and Jane, this past week Claudia and I are currently away escaping Waterloo’s current frigid temperatures and snow. Otherwise, like Peter, I would have wished to have been present to express my own deep appreciation for Tricia’s ministry especially during those two periods in which I was engaged to provide my own extended ministry as an interim priest. There were so many occasions when she, as churchwarden, was required to step up and address concerns that warranted an immediate response. Some were critical, and had she not been ready to act and to follow through, these might have adversely affected the health and well being of our parish. Throughout her ministry as churchwarden, Tricia retained her positive attitude and, by the grace of God, her faithful leadership continues to be a source of inspiration for us all.

Thank you and God bless you Tricia,