Get to know us

Hello and welcome!  We would be delighted to have you join with us and experience the presence of God and the joy of this church family as we celebrate, worship and serve together. We are an Anglican parish, part of the Diocese of Huron, The Anglican Church of Canada, and the world-wide Anglican Communion of some 80 million people.  We value diversity, vibrant worship, outreach into the community, and commitment to higher learning.  We celebrate the importance of music and have an amazing choir.  We welcome all ages in worship and have an active Sunday School.

Together we strive to be a welcoming, inclusive, and caring community, willing to live and share our Christian faith and worship with all who enter.  If you are looking for a faith community to call home, please consider this our personal invitation to experience the life and faith of this parish.

Our history dates from 1876, and our church building from 1898 – over 125 years ago!

The richly decorated interior of the church, in carved oak, was executed in stages in the years 1926-1928 and 1935-1937, memorial gifts of the Seagram family and others. Of particular interest are the “Last Supper” above the altar, the chancel and narthex screens, the pulpit and lecturn, all worked by craftsmen of the Globe Furniture Company of Waterloo. 

We are part way through a long-awaited rebuilding project. We are so blessed by the hospitality of Waterloo Kitchener United Menonnite church for welcoming us into their space while the renovations continue. We look forward to being back in our sanctuary in the new year. 

(historical information from the City of Waterloo website, and photo by Tomasz Adamski)