Our Rector
The Reverend Canon Dr. Greg Jenkins joined our team in 2023. He brings 25 years of ministry leadership experience, with a focus on youth, issues of social justice, outreach, and pastoral care.
Our Interim Organist

Dr. Peter Nikiforuk is a gifted and accomplished organist and choir director with many years of experience.  He is a joy to work with and blesses us with his musical leadership.

Our Honorary Assistant
The Venerable Dr. Neil Carver is an invaluable support who cares deeply for our congregation and brings a wealth of talent and experience.
Our Honorary Assistant
The Venerable Peter Townshend is our former Rector and Archdeacon, who blesses us with his caring, numerous skills, and years experience.
Our Local Archdeacon

The Venerable Megan Collings-Moore is a strong support in her role, which includes overseeing the churches in our Deanery of Waterloo

Our Archdeacon for Reconciliation and Indigenous Ministry

The Venerable Rosalyn Kantlaht'ant Elm's excellent leadership and support is essential to us as we walk to Two Row Path.

And so many others

Here are just a few of the many who bless this congregation with their ongoing work and ministry:


Interim Office Admin:  

Christina Austin



Tricia Siemens, Brent Hatcher, Steve Moore, Krista Parsons 


Lay Assistants: 

Alison Prittie, Mike Casey, Marcia Fuller, Carol Motuz, Mike Skelton


Eucharistic Lay Visitors:  Alison Prittie, Jean Jackson