The Anglican Church of Canada, like most Christian denominations, requires Marriage Preparation.  Marriage Preparation is not for the purpose of deciding if a couple should marry. It is for the purpose of engaging the couple in questions that ideally be discussed prior to making the commitment of marriage. 

The requirement of Marriage Preparation may be met by the couple taking a Marriage Preparation class together, or by the couple meeting for a session with a counsellor for psycho-education regarding relationship dynamics, and to be asked to discuss relevant questions for considering how these dynamics may relate to one’s own relationship.

Marriage Prep does not answer questions for a couple, but helps to ensure key questions about expectations begin to be discussed by the couple.  These may include the following:

  • Life goals
  • Love languages
  • What each partner needs from the other in times of distress such as sickness or loss
  • Intimacy
  • Whether or not each partner is expecting to have children
  • Raising children (including expectations of each partner’s family of origin)
  • Cultural or religious expectations