Pastoral Team

The Rev. Victor Kischak, Rector

I was born and raised in the small town of Paris and I am the proud father of two teenage girls: Ally and Grace. When I was growing up in Paris, our family didn’t attend church.  I didn’t really know anything about church, except that God, Jesus, the Bible, and church were all connected in some way.  Then in my late teens, I began reading about our faith and started to wonder whether or not these stories about Jesus were real.  And I don’t just mean the miracles, I mean the beatitudes: Blessed are the poor in spirit, Blessed are the…

The Ven. Dr. Neil Carver
The Venerable Peter T. Townshend

The Ven. Dr. Neil Carver, Honorary Assistant

Archdeacon Carver provides a ministry of support and dialogue with those whose former religious assumptions no longer resonate with life’s ambiguities and contemporary understandings of existence. He advocates religious literacy, progressive theological thought, and the integration of spirituality and social justice. Neil and Claudia celebrate fifty years of marriage. They enjoy playing bridge, hiking the countryside at home and abroad, and spending time with the families of their four adult children and six grandchildren.

The Ven. Peter Townshend, Honorary Assistant

Peter was born and grew up in London Ontario. He was ordained in 1980 the same year that he and Jane were married.Together they have served the Lord and God’s people in five communities throughout the Diocese of Huron. In 2003 he was appointed as the Rector of the Church of the Holy Saviour and then in 2004 as Archdeacon of Waterloo, serving in both capacities until his retirement in 2016. Peter and Jane now appreciate the freedom of time to support and enjoy the families of their four children which now includes nine grandchildren. Peter is very happy to offer a supportive ministry to assist Victor and the parish of Holy Saviour whenever requested.