Church Operations Ministry

Church Operations

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Lay Delegates

Together with the Rector, lay delegates are the parish’s representatives of the wider church. The also keep the parish informed about activities outside the parish that are of interest or otherwise impact us here. Primary duty is attendance at the annual Diocesan Synod in London, Ontario, the legislative body of the Anglican Church in southwest Ontario. Motions that impinge on all facets of the work of the Church are brought forward, debated and voted on. The Synod is also the forum where the various organizations that do work at the Diocesan level report their progress to the members. In addition, all of the parishes of the Waterloo region are members of the Waterloo Deanery. Our Rector, lay delegates, substitute lay delegates, wardens, and deputy wardens are constituted members of the Waterloo Deanery Council. That group meets 4 times a year to discuss work that is or might be shared among the local area churches. They also discuss the impact locally of initiatives from the Diocese (motions to Synod and the annual Diocesan budget are examples of this). Lay Delegates are appointed annually at Vestry.

Alternate Lay Delegates

Alternate Lay Delegates are elected at the annual vestry meeting along with the Lay Delegates to Synod. It is the responsibility of the Alternate Lay Delegate to fill in for the Lay Delegate in the event that person is unable to fulfill the role.

Parish Council

The Parish Council comprises the Rector, Wardens, Lay Delegates, and members of the parish. Parish Council members responsibilities include:

  • Aiding and supporting the rector and Wardens in the ongoing management of the Parish’s financial, property and human resources.
  • Attending Parish Council meetings monthly (second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM).
  • Participating as a member of at least one Holy Saviour ministry.
  • Attending Holy Saviour ministry meetings.
  • Be present at Parish functions.
  • Be a good listener and participate in decisions of the Parish Council.

Parish Council is appointed annually, at Vestry.

Youth Delegate to Council

The youth delegate to council is a full council members with all the privileges and responsibilities of such.


The Property Ministry is responsible for the general maintenance of Church property, buildings and grounds.

Sides People

Sidespersons attend assigned services to distribute bulletins and other information as required, to assist in the seating and movement of the congregation during the services and to monitor in a general manner the conditions during the service. Sidespersons also collect offerings, deliver the offerings and head count to the Depositors, record the cash not contained in envelopes, and tidy/close-up Sanctuary at the end of the service.

Stewardship and Finance

Comprising the treasurer and others, the Stewardship and Finance Committee watches the financial health of the parish. The main task in any year is the creation of the next year’s budget, however, when it is necessary, analyses of the income and expense position at earlier points in the year. The group attempts to project the probable end-of-year bottom line and make recommendations to the Wardens if an unmanageable deficit is looming. On a more-or-less triennial basis, plans, organizes, and executes an all-parishioner visitation.


The Office Manager handles the day-to-day bookkeeping, including the preparation of cheques to pay the various expenses, the treasurer has overall responsibility for the financial records of our parish – including reporting our financial position monthly to the wardens and Parish Council and annually to Vestry, the Diocese and the government.


The Vestry Clerk serves as the recording secretary for the annual and special Vestry Meetings.


The Wardens comprise Deputy Wardens (People’s / Rector’s) and Wardens (People’s / Rector’s). Deputy Wardens work with the Wardens and Rector to assist with the overall management of Holy Saviour. Wardens and the Rector are responsible for the overall management of Holy Saviour.


Depositors receive, count, document and deposit in our bank, the monies put on the offering plates at all services on any particular service day [all Sundays plus special Feast days (e.g., Christmas)]. Each service requires a two-person team. As with the Envelope Secretary, confidentiality is a key element of the work of the depositors.

Envelope Secretary

Undertaken by the Office Manager, the Envelope Secretary keeps track of all donations to the parish and issues the appropriate confidential tax receipts at year-end, as well as providing a statistics report to Vestry on the numbers of donors in broad giving-level categories.