Christian Nurture Ministry

Christian Nurture Ministry

Christian Nurture Ministry

Warden: Glenn Brogden

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is dedicated to preparing the Church and sanctuary for all services, including baptisms, weddings and funerals. Our members are an excellent group of workers, who enjoy their commitment, work quietly in the background and can be depended on constantly and consistently to make sure the necessary arrangements are made. Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the Church for Sunday morning, regular weekly services and special liturgies (e.g., palm crosses on Palm Sunday, weddings, funerals, baptisms), including set-up, clean up, laundering, and care of linens.
  • To acquire a good working knowledge of Anglican liturgy.

Senior Choir

Director: Dr. Edward Phillips
Rehearsals: Thursdays, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: Parish Hall

Edward Phillips has been organist and senior choir director at the Church of the Holy Saviour since 1995. He began piano lessons at age 7 and organ lessons at 12. After completing his B.A. in music at Amherst College,  he spent two years in Paris and Fontainebleau studying organ and choral conducting with Nadia Boulanger; he also played in several master classes given by André Marchal. Dr. Phillips earned his Ph.D. in music theory and history from Yale University in 1978. He taught music theory and history in English and in French at the University of Ottawa and at the University of Guelph, where he was founding chair of the Department of Music. He is now Professor Emeritus of the School of Fine Art and Music at Guelph. Dr. Phillips has been heard in recital in the United States, Canada, France, and Denmark and has served a number of churches as organist including the Danish Church of Paris.

Holy Saviour’s Senior Choir sings weekly at the 10:00 AM Sunday liturgy, warming up in the Chancel one hour prior to the service. Holy Saviour’s Senior Choir also sings Mattins at 9:00 AM on the first Sunday of every month, Choral Evensong at 4:00 PM on the third Sunday of every month, and at special services throughout year (e.g., Advent Lessons and Carols, Nine Lessons and Carols, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Vigil, Ascension).

The choir is open to everyone in the community; no audition is required. Music reading skills are helpful, but not required, and can be gained and improved through regular attendance.

The choir’s repertoire spans the gamut from medieval chants to Renaissance motets, anthems by the great English masters, and works of recent composition. Rehearsals focus intensively on vocal technique, musical interpretation, liturgical importance of the music, etc. The choir is a wonderful way not only to minister to the parish in a unique manner, but also to enrich one’s own understanding and experience of the liturgy.

Generations Choir

Director: Lois Horst, B.Mus.
Rehearsals: Sundays, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Location: Douna Room

The Generations Choir sings weekly at the 10:00 AM Sunday liturgy, with a practice and warm up in the Music Room one hour prior to the service. As with the Senior Choir, the Generations Choir is open to everyone in the community from ages 5 and up; no audition is required. Musically, the Generations Choirs sings a variety of music, some challenging and some not as much.

Christian Education Committee

Christian Education offers opportunities for discussion, reading, study and exploration of our congregational life, including Christian and Anglican traditions, the Bible, the spiritual life, and mankind’s continuing involvement with “the faith instinct.”

The “Christian Education Committee” of Holy Saviour consists of any parishioners or neighbours prepared to commit to activities promoted by the suggestions and interests of others in the congregation. Our activities thus depend on the involvement of those interested, and rely on suggestions and leadership,in the exploration of programs, topics and resource material.

We also serve to promote of the wider programs in the Anglican community (such as Deanery activities and programs at Renison Institute of Ministry).


Newsletters Editor: Chuck Erion

Chuck Erion edits our quarterly newsletter, What’s New. Jeanette Bell assists with layout and production. Each issue features an interview with a parishioner or one of the staff. Distribution is via email and regular mail for those not online. You can find the latest issue, and back issues, on our front page, and older ones are here:

Winter 2015: What’s New – December – 2015

Fall 2015: What’s New – October 2015

Summer 2015: What’s New – Summer 2015

Lay Assistants

Coordinator: Alison Prittie

Lay Assistants assist in the Service of Holy Eucharist. They read a lesson at selected worship services and assist clergy in administering the Holy Eucharist. Lay Assistants help distribute the bread or wine and the Additional Lay Assistant administers the Intinction Chalice.

A schedule is circulated three or four times a year with current Lay Assistants being scheduled at least twice a month.


Coordinator: Alison Prittie

Lectors read the lessons at all worship services, including Mattins, Holy Eucharist, Choral Evensong or other special services, at Holy Saviour or other Anglican churches. Anglican churches obtain the lessons for all services from “The McCausland’s Order of Divine Service”. There are three Liturgical years on which our Lectionary is based. It is a cyclical schedule.

A schedule is circulated three or four times a year with current Lectors being scheduled approximately once every two months.

Liturgical Assistants

Coordinator: Deb Bailey

Liturgical Assistants are present at most services to assist the Rector with part of the service, to read a lesson if the appointed lector is unexpectedly absent, and to be supportive in any other way that might be requested by the Rector. For many of us, this minor “calling” is a meaningful part of our service to God in His church.

Servers Guild

Coordinator: Alison Prittie

The Server’s Guild at Holy Saviour is composed of women, men, youth members and older children.

The word “serve” has a more specialized meaning when we talk about its’ role in the church. Servers are servants in both senses of the word. We are servants of God who assist the clergy in serving the family meal of the church, the Holy Eucharist. We, of course assist at many other services. One server is required for Morning Prayer and Choral Evensong. A server carries the cross and two additional servers carry the processional torches for the services of Holy Eucharist.  During this service, servers light the candles and receive the offering. Standing near the altar, a server represents the lay people of the Church and presents their offerings of bread and wine to the clergy who receives them and offers them up to God.

Usually servers assist twice a month. It is a very rewarding experience to serve the Lord in this special way. Instruction and training are provided. Please contact Alison Prittie at 519-745-3433 if you would like to inquire about or join this important guild in our parish.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School program is geared to children from preschool (about 3 years old) to grade 8. If you have, or know of a child, younger than this whom you would like to come to Sunday School, please let us know. We will do our best to include him or her!

Youth Group

LIGHT – Our grade 5 – 8 youth, LIGHT (Leaping into God’s Holy Teaching) meets for dinner and a movie on Friday nights, usually one or two per month.
SALT (Searching Anglicans-Loyal Teens) is a group designed for young people of high school age. The goal is to provide fun activities and give young people in our community the chance to develop friendships in a Christian atmosphere. Our youth meets bi-weekly on Tuesday at All Saints Church. Find more information on the Youth Page or contact Jeff Kischak, our youth minister.