Caring Communities Ministry

Caring Communities

Contact the church office, or one of the wardens, if you wish to volunteer for any of these ministries.

Tricia Siemens

Book Club

The Book Club offers fellowship and broadens our horizons through the shared love of reading. There are ten members at present, and friends from Holy Saviour and beyond are welcome. We meet once per month.

Caring Casseroles

The Caring Casseroles Ministry provides meals to anyone who has just come home from the hospital, has suffered a death in the family or is undergoing any other stressful situation. Judith Toogood is coordinating this Ministry so please let her know if you need, or know someone who needs, this service.

Christian Services

Christian Services prepare and provide catering  for Funerals, the Blessing of the Oils luncheon, the Deanery Council meeting, and the Clericus breakfast. If anyone can put his or her name forward to help, donate, make or bake it would be appreciated.

Coffee Hosts

Parishioners host our after-service coffee hour, preparing and serving tea and coffee and helping with clean up.

Dinner & a Movie

Meets at 5:30pm on the second Saturday of the month, for a film, food and fellowship. $5.00 “admission”. The evening is hosted by Chuck Erion and Anders Bergstron (PhD in film studies) who leads a short discussion following the movie. Please RSVP to Chuck 3 days in advance.

Here’s our “playlist”:  2016 Sep  Hail Caesar, Oct    In the Mood for Love, Nov   Monsoon Wedding
2017 Jan   Fisher King, Feb   Do the Right Thing, Mar   Spirited Away, Apr    Of Gods and Men, May   Stories We Tell,
Sep   Tree of Life, Oct    Summer Hours, Nov   Afterlife
2018 Jan  A Serious Man, Feb  Punch-Drunk Love, Mar – Sullivan’s Travels

Eucharistic Lay Visitors

Coordinator: Joy Prittie

The Eucharistic Lay Visitors at Holy Saviour bring the church and its Caring Community Ministry to those who cannot attend church. The Eucharistic Lay Visitor Ministry administers the Reserved Sacrament to elderly and shut-in Parishioners in their own homes, nursing homes, retirement homes and hospitals.

Eucharistic Lay Visitors keep the Rector informed of any need to become involved in particular situations, supplement the Rector’s hospital visitations, and keep an updated list of Parishioners who need to receive Communion.

Any parishioner or family member should notify the Rector, Joy Prittie or the Church Office if they are ill or hospitalized. In case of hospitalization, please be sure that the hospital records show the patient as “Church of the Holy Saviour Anglican”.

Taxi cards are available for those who are unable to find their own transportation to and from church. There is no cost for the card. The church is only too willing to offer this service. Please do not hesitate to call me if you need a taxi card.

Training for Lay Visitors  is provided and based on a recommendation by the Rector, permission is obtained by the Bishop through a valid license. The license is renewable on an annual basis.

Flower Delivery

The Flower Delivery / Memorial Flowers ministry delivers flowers from the altar and font to shut-ins and sick members of the Parish year round (except Lent) after Sunday morning services are complete. Parishioners can sign up for a specific date. Please contact the coordinator to request the Sunday(s) you would like to fulfil this duty.

Women's United

Co-ordinator: Alison Prittie

Women’s United Thankoffering

The Women’s United Thankoffering service is held annually. It is usually held on the first or second Saturday after Easter and before the Annual Meeting of the Anglican Church Women. The annual meeting is always held on the last Saturday in April at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The ladies involved in the service participate in many ways. They are greeters, sideswomen, name tag people, people that take up and present the offering, communion sideswomen, servers, Liturgical Assistant, Lay Assistant, scripture readers, depositors, people that look after the children in the nursery as well as women who present the wine, bread and water. The co-ordinator of the service gives the Homily. Another highlight of the service is the Ladies Choir which is comprised of anybody in the congregation who wishes to sing for this service. We are privileged to have the rector as Celebrant as well as our organist and senior choir director, Dr. Ed Phillips.

This service at Holy Saviour is but one way our parishioners can thank God for his love and understanding towards us, in ways both large and small. It is a service in which the members of the congregation that are present can present a financial offering as thanks for blessings received. This service is an act of Christian love and stewardship. The offerings received are called the United Thankoffering, and it becomes part of the Anglican Church Women’s share in the total mission of the church in our own Diocese of Huron, in Canada and throughout the world.

Following the Service, the congregation adjourns to the Parish Hall and enjoys a delicious breakfast. Members of the congregation contribute food for the breakfast. Members from the Special Events team organize the breakfast component of the day. The service that was held in May 2014 marked the 20th Anniversary of the service.



Coordinator: Jessica Schmidt

The Church of the Holy Saviour Nursery is available to children three years of age and younger and is staffed by a volunteer during the 10am service (typically).  Children are welcome for the entire service, or they can join us when the Sunday school children go to class.  Nursery volunteers normally bring the children up for a blessing during communion.  We get to read books, play with toys, colour and enjoy each others’ company.  We are always looking for additional nursery volunteers too!



In the tradition of Holy Saviour, the Outreach Team continues to faithfully support Monica House, St. John’s Kitchen, Anselma House, the House of Friendship, Renison College, Huron Church Camp and other local agencies. The apportionment given to the Diocese that represents a large percentage of our budget is an outreach donation that allows our collective church to achieve broader and more leveraged goals.
The Outreach Team has also generously responded to other requests made of the parish that include monies donated to Supportive Housing of Waterloo, special Diocesan appeals, the Primate’s World Relief Development Fund, and especially the Refugee family from Syria.

Pancake Supper

The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper raises money for various Outreach activities (e.g., Huron Church Camp Bursaries) and sending youth to CLAY, the biennual conference.

Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons offers a reasonably priced hot meal and health talks once a week to Seniors from four local churches and their friends. Silver Spoons is a not for profit group, and any revenue realized beyond expenses, is shared among the four participating churches. The Holy Saviour Silver Spoons Team organizes and prepares the hot meal once a month.

Special Events

This Ministry involves making kitchen arrangements for special events like the Pancake Supper, Vestry, and congregational luncheons.

Spring Sensations Dinner

Co-ordinator: Joy Prittie

The dinner is held annually in May. The dinner that was held in May 2014 marked the 20th Anniversary of the dinner and service. The co-ordinator of the Eucharistic Lay Visitors organizes the dinner with the assistance of a committee. Invitations are sent to those who are shut-in, living in retirement homes and nursing homes as well as those parishioners who live alone and are unable to attend church services on a regular basis as well as senior citizens. Some regular church worshipers are invited so they can befriend the shut-ins. This is an event where we also reach people who are members of the church but they only come to this event which is held once a year. A definite ministry is taking place as they are being churched in some manner.

Many people are needed in order to drive the guests to the dinner. Members of the organizing committee of the dinner, our Clergy, Clergy Associates as well as the Wardens and their spouses are invited. Members of the Senior Choir and Senior Choir Director and their spouses are also invited for dinner.

Following the dinner, everyone is invited to adjourn to the church for the Service of Holy Eucharist to commemorate Ascension Day.

Sympathy Cards

When Holy Saviour is notified and aware of any special needs, illnesses, or special occasions, a card is sent to or contact is made with the family of concern.